In today’s world, sports have become a cult. In an attempt to prolong life and maintain health, we have begun to lead an active lifestyle: running, exercise in the gym, swimming, cycling, etc… Sometimes our attempts go to extremes and we do not notice what changes are taking place in ourjoints.

Joints – one of the components of the musculoskeletal apparatus, and they – together with muscles, ligaments and tendons – give a person the opportunity to move. Even during a normal walk involved a significant part of the joints of the human body – all joints of the legs, spine, joints of the hands. The greatest pressure is felt by the hip joints, knee joints, as well as the feet and toes. This load is natural, so intensive wear of joints, cartilage damage or cavity with synovial fluid does not occur. But as soon as a person starts to run, the load increases at times, because the weight is faster and with greater force transferred from one foot to the other.

Muscle pain after exercise is a common phenomenon among people who lead an active lifestyle, which signals that the body has received sufficient stress and requires recovery. As for joint pain, it always signals an injury or developing disease, so it should not be left unattended. The first time the pain can occur from overload, then it becomes constant and significantly worsens the standard of living and leads to a lot of inconvenience. Ignoring the problem will lead to more serious injury and long-term recovery.

If preventive measures to prevent the consequences of physical activity are carried out in a timely manner, it is possible to maintain joint performance for a long time. Prevention includes proper nutrition, mandatory warm-up before training, proper technique of exercise, taking strengthening dietary supplements. Special attention should be paid to «Flexonorm» from Healthity. Due to its natural composition, dietary supplements accelerate joint recovery after load and enhance microcirculation in joint tissues, facilitating blood supply in damaged hearths, reduces pain and restores joint mobility.

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