Absolutely every man knows what potency is and what its role is in sexual life. The problem of increasing potency worries every second man. There are no men who always, under any circumstances, would have an excellent erection from the beginning to the end of sexual intercourse. Some complain of insufficiently strong erection, others complain of premature ejaculation. Such a disorder in the male body can be a real tragedy, because sex is one of the components of the relationship between a man and a woman.

Every man should know that potency depends on a large number of factors, including psychological ones. At the same time, erectile dysfunction itself is not an independent disease, but reflects other pathological changes in the human body, which develop gradually.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be: stress, depression, sedentary lifestyle, doping, alcohol, drugs, smoking, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, infectious-inflammatory diseases. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes contribute to the undermining of sexual life. Usually it is accompanied by a fading interest in sexual life.

Maintaining proper potency does not require excessive efforts. It is necessary to give up bad habits or to minimize the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, at least sometimes to play sports, to forget about fast food. Big influence for  impotence is extra weight, so you should keep yourself in shape, if necessary to resort to physical activities, actively relax. The food should be full and varied. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. It is also necessary to have a balanced intake of vitamins and dietary supplements. To help to cope with the problem, you  can take modern means of the last generation – dietary “Potenta energy” from Healthity. Natural composition improves erection, and the L-arginine, which enhances libido and provides a persistent and long-lasting erection of the penis. In about 90% of patients taking dietary supplements, potency is increased and restored. It is necessary to use comprehensive methods of potency restoration, otherwise there will be no improvement

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