One of the most common diseases in men is – urethritis, the cause lies in the features of the physiological structure of the ureter. Urethritis is an inflammatory process that flows in the wall of the urethra or inflammation of the urethra itself (urethra).  The main cause of the disease is lifestyle and reduced defense mechanisms of the body, weak immunity, lack of vitamins. Particular attention should be paid to people with weak immunity. These include patients with immunodifying diseases, diabetes, patients after severe diseases.

Both men and women tend to have symptoms: burning, itching, cutting or pain in urination, uncharacteristic (ping or mucous) discharge from the urethra, difficulty urinating, blood impurities in the urine. In some cases, urethritis can be asymptomatic.

This disease is unpleasant  but not dangerous (at first glance) can create serious problems in the form of complications. Without treatment, urethritis in men is complicated by damage to the seminal glands, prostatitis, cystitis – all of these  are a frequent root cause of the development of male infertility and impotence.

If you suspect urethritis diagnosis, its usually possible on the basis of the characteristic data obtained during the examination of the patient, as well as in the analysis of urine and smears from the outer hole of the urethra.

Treatment of urethritis is carried out with the help of medicines. In each individual case, the urologist conducts a survey for urethritis and selects a drug corresponding to the infectious agent. Supplementing methods of treatment should be physiotherapy, dietary correction, taking dietary supplements,  among which is worth highlighting – dietary supplements “Cistofan” from Healthity. The components are antibiotic and anti inflammatory which improve health and fight with the disease.

Genital therapy is mandatory for both sexual partners, if this is not done, the patient expects to be re-infected.

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