Libido is a fragile and moody thing.

For both sexes, the libido intensity is directly related to androgens – male sexualhormones, especially with testosterone. In men, it is about 40 times more than in women,respectively, they have a higher sexual drive.

For someone it’s absolutely normal to want sex every day, for someone – once a week or once a month. There are asexual individuals who generally have zero libido, and this is not a pathology.

Our sexual desire is very easy to hurt. Incorrect settings in the head,psychological and physical trauma, resentment, physiological problems – all this can crush our libido.

Low libido is just as much a problem – a warning bell that you are in danger zone.

You can enhance your sexual desire with Potenta Energy from Healthity.

natural product not only prolongs the sensations of women and men, but also helps protect from frigidity in the future.

Potenta Energy is arousing worldwide interest, as among women who have problems with libido, so, among men.

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