Many people do not even suspect that there are stones in their gallstones, as often the disease is asymptomatic. Gallstone disease is a common problem that, according to statistics, affects one in five people on the planet. Most often the disease is detected in people over 30-40 years of age and at the same time in women 5 times more often than in men.

Gallstone disease isa disease thatdisrupts bile secretion, which occurs due to metabolic failures, leading to the formation of gallstones and bile ducts.. If there is any inflammatory hearth in the body, then in the gallbladder containing stones, can break out the inflammatory process and gallstone disease begins.

The diseaseis asymptomaticfor a long time.The formation of stones can be caused by several causes. Themostcommonreasoniswrongdiet- anunstabledietwithfastfoodandfoodwithhighlevelofcholesterol.But once you eliminate fatsfor good from your diet, you provoke the process of cristalizationwhich creates the stones.

The main method of diagnosing the disease is abdominal ultrasound or X-ray examination. It is very important to diagnose the disease in a timely mannerand start itstreatment, then you can continue with healing. You can detect the disease by looking at your eyes- the sclera or the eye itself is yellowish.

Prevention helps to prevent the development of gallstone disease, which is at risk and the recurrence of previously ill people. Lifestyles and diets need to be changed. Special food is recommended – exclude fatty, fried, spicy foods, chocolate, fizzy food and dairy products. Active rest, contribute to the outflow of bile, eliminate its stagnation. Thus, liver cells are released from toxins and the physiological functions of the liver are restored. For prevention you should include in your routine the dietary supplement by Healthity– „Hepasept” which will detox and prevent the development of gallstone disease.

You should be careful about your health and timely carry out prevention. Otherwise, there is a high probability of such progression of the disease, which will require surgery, complete removal of the gallbladder.

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