Over the course of two millennia, the flu virus has repeatedly caused pandemics and epidemics that have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands and millions of people. Despite the constant struggle with the flu, mankind has still not been able to defeat the flu. Hundreds of thousands of people die from flu complications each year. This is due to the fact that the virus is constantly changing its structure and a new, modified virus is able to infect a person again.

Every year, the virus improves – it mutates, as a result, new types of the virus appear – strains that the human body is not yet familiar with and therefore cannot defend itself.

It is proved that the prevention of virus and acute respiratory viral infections has a positive effect on the quality of life, contributes to the creation of the immune system.

Prevention of flu and acute respiratory viral infections can be carried out as part of the general maintenance of the body’s forces, the so-called prevention of immunity. Most often, biologically active additives are used for this, this class of drugs effectively stimulates the immune system. Among antiviral dietary supplements, Spiruvit occupies a special place: the drug has an effective antiviral and immune modulating effect. The results show that the prophylactic administration of Spiruvita reduces the risk of infection with SARS and flu four times. It is important for our body to maintain a healthy lifestyle: good sleep, sports, regular walks in the fresh air and proper nutrition will help strengthen immunity and protect against seasonal colds.

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