Atherosclerosis can rightly be called one of the main causes of death in our time. Due to many factors, each person has a different rate of growth of atherosclerotic plaques (heredity, stress, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, etc.). Since the arteries supply blood to our entire body, any organ can be targeted.

The development of atherosclerosis entails coronary heart disease (which means myocardial infarction), narrowing of cerebral vessels (strokes), renal sclerosis and their insufficiency, the development of severe forms of diabetes due to pancreatic vascular sclerosis, peripheral endarteritis, passing into gangrene of limbs, and others diseases that reduce efficiency and lead to premature death.

The main danger of the disease is that the first stages of atherosclerosis are almost asymptomatic, it is very difficult to catch the onset of the disease, and the complications that threaten the patient’s life.

The treatment of this disease is a vital necessity, but prevention can help to maintain health and life much cheaper and more efficiently, therefore it should be carried out starting from a young age, when the symptoms of changes in the vessels are still absent.

Thus, in order to prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis, fatty foods, bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking), lack of motor activity and, as a result, overweight, systematic pressure drops (especially pressure increase), stressful situations should be avoided.

As an integral part of the prevention of atherosclerosis, you can use the dietary supplement “Hemoglobin + plus“, which prevents thrombosis, regulates the tone of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and increases vascular elasticity.


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