Vitamins and minerals are those substances that our body cannot produce on its own, but only can get them from the outside.

A person can draw such substances from food as well as in concentrated form (tablets, syrups, powders, etc.). Useful substances can also be obtained by taking dietary supplements (dietary supplements).

Active nutritional supplements have a pronounced effect on the main regulatory and metabolic processes in the human body. They are sometimes confused with vitamins, but there is a difference between them: vitamins are often synthesized artificially, so for many people they can cause allergies, skin dermatoses and other types of intolerances. Supplements are obtained from natural ingredients, where the active substances are contained

If we must take vitamins in strictly limited dosages, an overdose of dietary supplements is almost impossible. Supplements are vitamin-mineral complexes, and food substitutes (for example, protein shakes), instant teas and liquid concentrates (aloe juice, drinking collagen).

Healthity premium supplements, which undergo voluntary clinical trials and rigorous quality control, are best preferred to ensure they are effective and free of toxins. The benefits of high-quality dietary supplements have long been appreciated by Healthity customers.

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