Dietary supplements are recommended not only to those who have indications for their use, but also to any person who wants to take care of their health and improve the general state of work of all organs and systems.

According to experts, people’s health by 12% depends on the level of healthcare, by 18%- from a genetic predisposition, and by 70% – from lifestyle, the most important component which is nutrition.

Medical views, never distinguished by stability in general, but throughout of human history were unanimous in one thing: the worse the nutrition, the more diseases.

Experts say that the human diet these days should contain more than 600 various substances (nutrients). Unfortunately, a balanced diet for all food not everyone can afford substances.

It seems: enough to eat more vegetables and fruits, and everything will be in order. But modern apples and pears are odd to those that grew even half a century ago. They are generous paraffinized, let alone talk about the conditions in which they grow. If earlier it was enough to eat one or two fruits a day, now you will need about a kilogram. For for many this is a super task.

Only nutritional supplements can do this now.

Healthity Dietary Supplements Really Support Us in such a situation, fill the health gaps that we create with our lifestyle. BUT an organism in which everything is harmonious will better cope with pathogens.

Tested on the numerous “armies” of buyers: Healthity dietary supplements are very effective make up for the deficit of various substances and compounds useful for our body. By they themselves contribute to the enrichment of our nutrition, optimize it.

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