“Healthity” is the exclusive manufacturer of high-quality dietary supplements

The “Healthity” assortment contains biologically active additives (BAA) that do not have

analogues in the world. Unique formulas developed by an experienced team of specialists in the field of pharmaceuticals.

We are a company with a long reputation; therefore we offer only registered and certified goods, carefully observing all storage conditions and transportation.

Our mission

“Healthity” is a team of experienced professionals in pharmaceutical, manufacturing and

management, marketing and logistics fields, that work to create high-performance products for people living in the 21st century.

Our mission is to strive to make the lives of our consumers better and more diverse, creating

high-quality, safe and natural products.

The main activity of the company is the production of medicines drugs and dietary supplements.

The strategy of our company is aimed at promoting products of the highest quality,

meeting all the requirements of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

Low prices

Products ordered with “Healthity” come to you directly from the factory, without intermediaries or resellers, which guarantees you the goods, at the best price.


You can buy only registered and certified products from us, therefore you can be sure in every purchase. Reliability and quality of “Healthity” products can be confirmed by customers from USA, CIS and EU.


The latest formulas, developments and technologies allow you to create dietary supplements unique in their kind.

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